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    600% Price increase for educational CLP customers.  Anyone mad?


      As many of you may know, Adobe killed maintenance contracts for CLP licensing on the first of the year.  I work at a small college, and as part of the CLP program, we ordered licenses for Production Premium, as well as a 2-year maintenance contract for $150 per seat.  For that $150, we get 2 years of upgrades for Production Premium, whenever they are released.  That works out to $6.25 per month, per seat.  It was because of this great pricing, we were able to get budget approval to use the Adobe suite of products for my Digital Media department.  Adobe even sold us on this plan because it "allowed us predictability in our budgeting."  Now, that is gone, and my department is really screwed as a result.


      I've been going several rounds with Adobe on the phone, trying to get anyone to explain to me how they can justify yanking the rug out from the educational market by discontinuing our maintenance license. Whenever I ask for an alternative for our Production Premium maintenance contract for our college, they keep reading the same script about Creative Cloud for Teams. That sounds great, except for the price. It's $40 a month per seat for this service. We are currently paying $150 for two years of maintenance licensing, which works out to $6.25 per month per seat. When I tell them that we can't afford a 600% price increase, they keep reading the same line about Creative Cloud not being a single product, and that we get cloud storage, blah blah blah. No real explanation of why they are sticking us with a six-fold price hike. Are there any other educators out there who are as infuriated as me? For each student, over the course of their 4-year academic career, that's an extra $1600.