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    To Much time in 0. Massive layers of Typography

    preditorj40153117 Level 1

      Ok this may not be massive to some folks but i have a 1m37s infographics commercial. I am at :40s and i have about 53 precomps in a main comp. I am using the ram preview to time this to the voice over.


      5 of these comps are 3kx3k containing typography pallets that i am animating to popup as the v/o speaks the words. The animation for the word is inside the precomp. but instead of using a camera i have choosen to move the full precomp around to center wrods in the frame. I have a crazy notion that this is easier.


      The problem i have is no mercury engine and i am not sure if it would help. I spent 2hours on one typography animation with 14 words in it, mainly becuase i have to wait about 1 minute for the ram preview so i can hear the v/o and make sure it pops up at the right time. One word might take 15mins at times while others take 5mins.


      So either i have choosen the harder way to do this or it just takes 3weeks @ 4hrs a day for typography at this duration. This is a project for my production house but i wanted to be done in 1 week.


      Is there a faster workflow for this than the one i am using?

      Is there a way to get audio without ram preview?  (something that will allow me to hear on scrubbing)


      I am only about half way throught and i dont mind changing my method to save time.


      masters CS5


      One more thing:


      The scrub bar does not seem to match up in the precomps. Meaning the main comp may be at :24s but when i open the procomp in that main comp it could be anywhere (or where i left it).

      Can i make these sync?

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          > Is there a way to get audio without ram preview?  (something that will allow me to hear on scrubbing)



          See After Effects Help.


          Also, it seems like you are trying to do full-quality previews for every step of your work. Don't do that. Use draft modes, decreased resolution, and other ways to speed up rendering when all that you're doing is checking timing.


          See this page for resources about making After Effects work faster: http://adobe.ly/eV2zE7


          Many of the tips there are about making tradeoffs for speed at intermediate stages of your workflow.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Here's a hint. Put markers in you audio track and label them. You can do this automatically for every word if you start with Premiere Pro, do speech recognition on the audio track, then import the audio track into AE. You'll have markers for every word. They will be spot on accurate for the most part. You can improve the accuracy by adding a text file to the Speech Recognition.


            Even without this step, working with and timing audio is always easier with markers. I was using markers in 1970 to cut film. We put them on the audio track with a wax pencil. In AE you can use the period key on the numeric keypad to preview audio and then use the * key to add markers.


            When you have got the markers start setting keyframes and use low resolution previews, even skipping frames to check the motion. This is like cell animators doing pencil tests. First, get the timing and then finesse the moves. I don't think I've ever met a professional animator or an editor that worked without some kind of quick preview to check timing. I've met hundreds of inexperienced and amateur animators and editors that tried to make the first 4 seconds of their project perfect before they moved on the the next 4. Nobody is that good.


            I hope these suggestions help. One of these days I'll complete my dynamic text animation tutorial that shows how quick the process can be if you use PPro's Speech recognition.


            Here's a tutorial that may get you started if you want to try that method. You'll have an audio track with perfectly placed markers in minutes.


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              Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Like Rick, I use audio markers in virtually every AE job I do.  Nothing beats a visual reference to the dialog as you work.  In a big typography job like the one you've described, it may take an hour or more to step through and mark every word, but the time you'll save is well worth the effort.  Rick's Speech Recognition suggestion is even better.


              Todd also rightly reminds you to use time saving preview options: 

              • reduce preview resolution

              • use the Draft 3D mode if your project uses a lot of 3D components like lighting and shadows

              • turn off motion blur previews

              • mark work area in and out points to minimise the area you need to preview


              Another point that will save you time in a heavily precomp'ed project is to keep your timings and durations consistent.  If all your precomps have the same start points and durations, you can copy your audio and audio markers track into the precomps and continue to work with the audio while you're working on the sub-animations, rather than having to step back to the main comp for every preview.

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                preditorj40153117 Level 1

                Excuse my french but that is one dam sexy feature and its worth starting over for. I have never used it and most of the time i do it the hard way.


                I could just import the precomps over to the new project and run with it. I will also use the draft previews as Todd suggested. I have never used any proxies/draft previews in PPro or AE but i do it all the time in C4D.


                I will link to the project when i am done. Adobe loves us and i am not as stupid as i was before you guys posted.