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    Hi Def rendering


      Hi, being relatively new to After Effects, i have got the basics of animation down, and im now well on my way to knowing my way around the 3D world. What i would like to do is export my project to a blu ray quality file. Im not intending to burn to a Blu Ray disk, just having it on a USB stick to watch on my 1080 TV (UK PAL). One idea i have will have  an imported 1080 video file, along with some Illustrator vectors. Another idea i have in my head will not include a video file, just vectors an effects. Planning ahead,  I would also like the file format to be able to support 5.1 sound from Premier, but that part is for another day - just something that is in the back of my mind.


      Now looking at the initial comp presets, im leaning towards HDV 1080 29.97, HDTV 1080 29.97 or DVCPRO HD 1080 29.97. I realise these are the initial comp settings, but im a little lost with what to start with here based on what i would like to do, and what i would like my final rendering to be, and what file format to output to without producing a 400TB file per 3 seconds of video!


      To summarise:


      One project will include a video, one will not

      Viewable on a 1080 UK PAL TV

      Both will include some 3D elements and AI vectors

      Both will be about 10 - 30 seconds long


      Can someone suggest an output file format please?

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          The BluRay specs are fixed and you can look them up on Wikipedia... For European content you might wanan go the 25p/ 50i route rather than losing yourself in formats that are used in the US... Otherwise if you merely play back from a USB stick none of that might matter and any generic H.264 with a reasonable datarate might do, but naturally unsynced framerates will cause ghosting, regardless...