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    Error printing booklet in CS6


      InDesign Printing Error message appears when selecting 'Print Booklet'.  Says the Adobe Print Engine failed to output the data due to an unknown problem.  Never experienced any difficulties prior to upgrading from CS5.5 to CS6.  Help, anyone, please!

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          Willi Adelberger MVP

          What is on your page?


          BTW. Why do you need the booklet? Imposing is a tast of the printer. If you need to print a booklet you could export a normal pdf and use the booklet printing function inside Acrobat's printing dialog.

          I would not use the print booklet functionality inside InDesign because it is using PostScript and Distiller and I avoid the use of both as far as possible.

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            I am never involved in the printing of a document, I'm actually not even an official graphic designer I just end up doing amateaur work. I have the same problem. Just upgraded to CS6, need to print booklet for an in-house saddle-stitch document. I don't have a pdf printer on my good computer, it fails to print to pdf on my laptop unless it's interactive (not what I want) and even then I can't arrange it correctly for a saddle-stitch print job. On both computers, I'm getting the same error as CA. How can I get around this?

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              Peter Spier ACP/MVPs

              Can you print the pages inidvidually? Can you export them to PDF?

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                Willi Adelberger MVP

                Why are you not exporting a pdf and using the print booklet functionality in Acrobat or Reader? Your enviroment is exactly what is it for.