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    modify options are not working on nexus 4


      Ok, I accidentally posted this question in the tablet side so I'm doing one here.


      The modify options like "extract, cut" do not work when selecting an area of a pic.


      I have narrowed it down to this:


      When first launching the app and selecting a pic from your gallery and then select an area using lasso or any one of the selection tools, if you press extract, nothing happens to the pic. The selected area is not extracted.


      BUT, if you start the app, create a blank area and add a new photo layer from gallery, you can now "extract" and cut selected portions of the pic.


      Now please don't tell me this is how it works because it DOES NOT work like this on the tablet app. You can extract and cut a single layer pic and it will just fill the surrounding area with the black and white checkered blank area.