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    Flash Player repeatedly downloads to Chrome even though installed.


      Windows 7 Home Premium

      64 bit

      Flash player

      Chrome:  25.0.1364.152 m


      Flash updater asked if I wanted to install update. I said yes. It installed Flash + McAfee. I do not want McAfee. I have Norton. I uninstalled McAfee. Every time I close Chrome and reopen it, Flash automatically downloads and wants to install. I have to go to my downloads folder on C drive and delete it. It has done that 22 times. I tried the solution I found on your site where you run a batch file. It did nothing to help. Rebooted. Flash still downloads. I think this is a bug because I have used Flash for as long as it existed and never had this problem before. It is driving me crazy and I want it to stop. What do I have to do to get rid of this incessant downloading?


      I did go to Control Panel a few minutes ago and told Flash Player to NEVER download. Made no difference. Closed Chrome, reopened and here came Flash., downloading once again.


      By the way, I used to be able to say no I do not want McAfee but now I can't do that - it automatically installs itself like a piece of malware. I know it isn't malware but it reminds me of that. Driveby installs. Will you please make that optional again?