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    How to embed and play mp4 video in HTML AIR application?

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      Adobe Air HTML / JS application compiled from SDK command line.  I am not using flash pro or flash builder to create the application.

      I was using dreamweaver but the dw air plugin seems to have stopped being developed so I switched to using the command line tools.


      I am creating desktop air application that has embedded mp3 audio and also I want to embed mp4 video.

      Using jQuery and the AIR js plugin I am able to play audio via buttons hooked up via jQuery and the AIR js plugin from the SDK.


      What I am doing is creating proofs for clients in AIR and sending link to the client to download the application.  I embed the media because I do not want to place them on a website where it could possibly be seen by non-clients and get picked up in the SE's.


      I am finding it hard to understand the AIR process for playing video.  I read that it is the same procedure as audio but it does not work.

      If it was hosted on youtube or somewhere embedding the web player would be simple, just copy paste some code and it works.  When actually embedding the video say mp4, f4v, mov, wmv or similar file formats I can't get AIR to play the video.  Audio, not a problem it works great.


      I would like to do the following with video.


      Embed the actual file in the AIR app.  I can do this, it gets embedded.

      Play, pause and stop the video - Can't get this to work

      Get the current stop point and be able to start the video by sending a start point - This is all working with audio I just want to do it with video.


      I have searched the forums, the search engines, youtube and read through the documentation on Air but the video does not work at all.


      I need code samples and direction on how to make an embedded video play inside of a desktop air application using the HTML / JS air model. I am using the command line tools to create the air package and test the air app.


      Please help if you have figured this out.


      Thank you.

      Not sure if this matters but I am using Windows 7 Pro 64bit as my development machine.