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    Drawing circles...


      I am having trouble drawing circles and bringing the image to the front. No matter what, it is behind other images. When I draw boxes I don't have this problem. Also, I noticed with cicles, the fill color sometimes bleeds into the top images fill color. I've been using this program for years and never had these problems before. Very frustrating! Did I engage something by accident?

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          Mohamed El-Beltagy Level 1

          It depends on the shape of your image. If your image is rectangle or square shaped and you place it inside a circle, it will normally show empty areas around the image. Try masking your image in  a circle in another software (Photoshop or illustrator), then place it again as fitting a circle inside a circle normally won't leave bleed areas.

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            slice4444 Level 1

            No thats not it. I literally draw a circle and fill it and its behind other images. Then I click on "bring to front" and  it blinks like its going to come to the front but doesnt. It stays behind the other images. But I can sometimes (not always) see the color fill in the circle bleeding through the top image that it wont come in front of..

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Is it on a layer behind the other images? Bring to front/back works per layer.


              Color bleeding through sounds like the image has some transparency, either transparent areas or applied opacity change, or perhaps a blend mode applied.

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                slice4444 Level 1

                Yup! I just figured it out! Phew... I selected Obect - Effects - Transparency - and it was set on "color burn" I switched it to normal and all is good. So it wasn't really "behind" the other object, just appeared that way, especially with certain colors, depending on their saturation. That's why it onlyappeared to bleed through sometimes. IT wasn't bleeding through, certain colors BEHIND IT were. I have no idea how "color burn" got selected - I'm the only one that uses this computer and I don't think I selected it. But problem solved... Thank you!