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    Start workflow from DAM-folder

    Ove Lindström Level 4



      is it possible to declare a workflow model so that it is possible to start it by selecting the folder in the DAM rather than the DamAssets?


      The case is that we would like to add properties to all assets in the selected folder, a variant of the Bulk Edit.

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          Yadav Brijesh Level 3


          If I understood the requirement correctly.


          You want Bulk editor variant , which can add properties to all the asset under selected folder.


          If so ... Do you want this functionality run by workflow only  ? because I have implemented the same functionality

          in my component which provides you add properties and also you can select folder from DAM on which(damasset ) you want to apply these properties.


          If you need please let me and  I will share this component you via email.




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            Ove Lindström Level 4

            We have a component that does this kind of things today, but would like to push the functionality to a workflow that is startable from the DAM or WCM. The usecase is this (using Geometrixx):


            1. Open the DAM
            2. Browse to the Geometrixx-folder  (http://localhost:4502/damadmin#/content/dam/geometrixx)
            3. Right-click on "Banners"
            4. Select "Workflow" and then Select what workflow to start.


            It is at step 4 I get stuck. There I can't get the "Workflow" to be enabled.


            Another variant is if we can set the tag on the folder an have it inherited by all sub-assets?

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              AshishSPanwar Level 2

              Hello Ove,


              By default there is a constraint to disable workflow button for folder types. You can enable it as follows:

              1. Go to /libs/wcm/core/content/damadmin/actions/workflow

              2. Edit the property "conditions" and delete "CQ.wcm.SiteAdmin.noFolder" from the arraylist.


              Navigate to damadmin and refresh to confirm that workflow button is enabled when selecting folders.

              I tested it directly by making change under /libs. You may want to overlay the same under /apps.


              - Ashish

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                Ove Lindström Level 4

                Ablsolutelly perfekt Ashish. This was exactly what I was looking for. Thx!