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    Embedding into a web page & background sound.




      I am looking for some advise on embedding an adobe edge animation into a web page.


      It's more complex than it sounds unfortunately for me because I don't have any coding knowledge.


      I have a web page with a flash version of the animation. I want to add the edge animation to the same page but only play

      if the device does not have or support the flash player. So, if flash is installed I want the flash version to run. If no flash (ipads, etc) then

      the edge version should play. I know many people choose the other way around but while I am learning edge the flash version is

      much better so I would prefer the flash version to play primarily.


      Onto the sound element. I have background music playing for the flash file (the music is built into the flash animation. I am not sure

      how I can do this with the edge animation. Presummably it would need to be coded into the acutal HTML page with some sort of

      HTML5 tag? But the problem I see here is that if the flash version starts to play the HTML5 version would start to play too in browsers

      which support flash AND HTML5 tags.


      I would appreicate any advise.