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    Error loading plugins. AIHostAdapter.aip


      Dear all


      I created n Illustrator extension in FlashBuilder 4.6 which does use Host Adapter funcitonalties. But for some reason something is going wrong on mac with CS5.5. It works for windows CS5.5 and CS6 on both plattforms.

      The file AIHostAdapter.aip is moved to the correct location, I verfied in the file system. It's an zxp package so the installtion is done by the Adobe ExtensionManager.


      Does anybody have an idee what could have gone wrong? What steps could I take to investigate the issue? Because at the moment I realy have no idea.


      Thank you very much!


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          mmcTimmermans Level 1

          When opening Help/System Info in Illustrator CS5.1 the AIHostAdapter is listed under Plug-ins. This should indicate that the plugin has been correctly installed. Still there is "Error loading plugins" on every startup.

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            mmcTimmermans Level 1

            The problem has been found. CSExtensionBuild 2.0 creates zxp packages containing a AIHostAdapter.aip which is not compatible with CS5.5. I changed the mxi manualy to add a special AIHostadapter.aip for CS5.5 mac.

            How to get this file? I used FlashBuilder 4 and CSExtensionBuilder 1.5 and created a dummy project with HostAdapter. Create a zxp package and unpack it (which is an option when creating the package).

            The quality of CSExtensionBuilder 2.0 is really bad. No Flex 3 Design mode support and now this stupid issue of packing non compatible files into a package.


            Hopes this helps others.