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    Legal Chroma what does the scale represent on the Scope

    Mitchell Remes

      I want to ensure that my colour levels are rec 709 legal, I have tried putting the Premiere Pro 5.5 Broadcast legal effect on my clips and setting the maximum setting to 100.  This does indeed restirct the upper levels but on the YC Waveform monitor when I click the option to see the chroma on the waveform the upper chroma levels are restricted to 100 but the lower levels fall below 0.3 on the scale which runs from 0-1.  Should I be at the 0.3 point to ensure that my levels are legal or is 0 the lower limit.  I believe that PAL uses anything below .3 of a Volt for sync purposes, is that represented as 0 on my scope or 0.3.


      Sorry if this sounds confusing, I am certainly confused.