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    CQ inserting divs into HTML output?


      Hey y'all,


      I'm working on a project using CQ5.5 and am noticing a bizarre result in the HTML that I am getting from my templates. I'm noticing divs inserted that appear nowhere in my jsp files that I can only assume are being put there by CQ (because the naming convention "cq-gen#" appears). Example below (textandheading is the name of a custom component I created):


      <div id="cq-gen7" class="textandheading text parbase textheading cq-element-textheading">


      This wouldn't be a problem except that some of these divs are overriding the styles from the CSS I'm using and causing my text/images etc to display incorrectly. Has anyone experienced anything like this before? It's inserting a whole bunch of divs like the one I pasted in above all over the place. I would like to find a way of removing these divs from my HTML output.


      Thanks in advance for your help!