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    Recommended way to design a book chapter with a set of fixed layouts?

    Nicky Bay

      I am starting on a book and am trying out Indesign CS6.


      This is a science book, and the bulk of it uses only a couple of layout formats, typically with 3 images and some text frames at fixed positions. Each page content is independent of each other (i.e. text does not flow to the next page)


      I could design the layouts (or templates) for the left and right facing pages and even set them as master pages. However, any individual page could be on the left or right facing page and the image positions are slightly different due to the gutter. Even if I override each item properly, inserting a single page at the beginning shifts all the pages from left to right and vice versa, leading to mispositioned text and images. If I had a 2-page spread master page, it would end up with duplicate objects instead. I'm trying Master Pages now because I might foresee slight adjustments to the page layout midway through the project, and don't want to reposition/resize everything over again. Ideally it should be adjustable from a single location...?


      Is there an elegant way to resolve this? I am familiar with Javascript but have not dealt with it in Indesign yet, so I'm very open to using it if necessary.


      Thanks in advance for any input.