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    Summary Row and Filters


      In the view responses tab, I edited my choice lists to have associated values so that I can AVERAGE out the values in the summary row.  This works fine when showing all my responses but if I choose to filter my responses, the average values do not re-calculate based on the filter set - it seems to still include all responses.  The below screenshot shows a filtered set of the data.  Notice in the first and last columns, the values are all 5 but the average is 4.9 (the average consisting of all responses).  Is this a known issue?


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          Marco Qualizza Adobe Employee

          Hello lcgi_support,


          Unfortunately our summary rows do not update to show only the values from unfiltered rows.  But, what you are trying to achieve might be doable using either AVERAGEIF, or possibly a more complex formula, such as:

          = SUM( if(<criteria>, @K, 0) ) / SUM( if(<criteria>, 1, 0) )


          Unforuntately, without knowing how you're filtering, I cannot be more specific.


          Please let me know if I can offer further or more indepth assistance,


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