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    Span columns problem?

    Brighton Lance Level 1

      I like the span columns feature in CS6 and can see it is a big advantage to have it. But it's probably just because I'm new to it but it is giving me a headache on following pages and I just can't figure out why.


      The scenario is :


      First (right-hand) page has a main heading using span columns built into its para style and so I can have quick and easy consistent space after before main body text starts.


      This text frame linked to the one over on next left-hand page.


      Text within this text frame will not go to the bottom of the two columns, it stops and appears to be making both columns of text of equal depth. I just want it to flow to bottom of first and then what is left to go to whatever it needs on second of the two columns.


      I have checked, text frame is not 'balance columns' and have also tried every which way on the 'keep' option son the para styles. Looking at other text frames in the job, it appears only to occur where it is linked to a story that starts with a span-column heading style.


      Any help much appreciated...