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    Duplicating Precompositions

    Fyin.com Level 1

      Hello, I've created an animation where I have broswer windows with fancy arrows featuring some portions of the site.  I want to keep this framework, but then sub in other screenshots of the website.  Essentially I'll have the same framework 4 times, only with the animations altering slightly according to which screenshot I have imported.


      Instead of duplicating layers upon layers, my thought was to precompose my initial framework, duplicate the precomposition several times, and make changes accordingly.  However the changes I make will effect each of the exisiting precomps.


      Is there a way that I can keep this "existing framework" that I desire without altering the contents of it?

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          In the projedct window, you dan duplicate the original precomp.  The new ones are completely independent from the original.... so rename them.  Use the Replace Footage command to put the new footage into the duplicated comps.


          If you've already duplicated the original precomp layer several times in your main comp, you can again use the Replace Footage command to replace the original precomp with one of the duplicates.


          You really need to get used to dealing with a bunch of layers.  It's part of life in After Effects.  You get used to it.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Just go to your Project Panel, select the composition you want to duplicate and duplicate it. Ctrl/Cmnd + D is the keyboard shortcut.

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              Fyin.com Level 1

              Thanks guys, I'm just looking to stay time efficient.  I appreciate the advice.