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    keeping track


      How can I check off or cross out  a submission in view submissions so that I can tell who I downloaded already?

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          kenc@adobe.com Employee Moderator

          I assume you meant "View Responses" instead of "View submission". You can create a checkbox column in the response table. Click on the check box for the responses that you had downloaded. Since the checkbox is created in the table, it won't show up in the downloaded PDF form.



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            Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

            First of all new rows have a purple dot on the far left of the row. This would tell you the new rows since the last time you looked at the responses.


            You can also mark the rows you have seen and revised in a few ways. Here is a couple of ways :

            - You can select the row you already reviewed and set it to a different background color using the "T" toolbar and the "Background Color" tool.

            - You can also add a new column and make it a "Checkbox"  column. This way you can mark it when revised. This is nice because you can then use this column in your sort and filter.


            Here you can see the purple dot showing the new response, the orange row using the background color and the added "Revised" checkbox column.



            Hope this helps and answer your question


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