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    help!  button events

      Hi, I am a newbie and have wasted sooo much time trying to assign an event to a button.

      My Flash project consists of 4 different documents in order to decrease download times. In the "site.fla" document I have created a button I named "Montreal". I want to create an event that will take the user to frame 2 of "Montreal.fla".

      I would so much appreciate if anyone could give me an example of Action Script 2 for this event. Thanks so much in advance!
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          crazyjoemilan Level 2
          your .FLA files are the big files that turn into .swf files - so thats what you'll be trying to reference.

          (its like a PSD turns into a JPEG)

          you'll need to load the Montreal.swf into the site.swf file (the compiled site.FLA). When it loads, you'll need to tell the movie to go to frame 2 of the newly loaded clip.

          Stuff you should look up...
          LoadMovie(); <--old (but still usable)
          LoadMovieNum(); <-- older (but still usable)
          MovieClipLoader class <-- this is what you should use, but loadMovie() is much easier.

          figure out that stuff and come back, I'll help you with more of it.