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    After Effects not recognizing Red Rocket?

    Ryan A. Damm

      Hi everyone,



      I'm having serious troubles with a Red Rocket in AE CS6.  Nothing I have done will get AE to recognize the rocket.  Premiere seems to recognize it and use it just fine. 


      The card is clearly installed correctly; it works in Red Cine X and Premiere, giving realtime performance with 4k footage @ 29.97 fps, with minimal processor load (~7%).  If I force AE to try to use the card with Interpret Footage > Main > More Options... > Use Rocket, the system slows to a crawl and fails to perform at all.  (It may take 10-30 seconds to update when the cursor is moved in the timeline.)


      It does not appear to be simply that the red rocket card is not being released by another program -- at least, when I restart the system and open After Effects first, the symptoms are identical.


      The rocket is on the latest firmware -- 1.4.27, I believe.  I have done everything possible to confirm that the card is not the problem, including opening a support ticket with Red and sending the physical unit back to them for testing.


      I have tried replacing the ImporterREDServer.exe and ImporterRED.prm with the Adobe Labs version from May/June 2012, that appears to have no effect.


      I'm running Windows 7 on a dual 8-core Xeon system with 128 GB of RAM.  There are also two GTX 680 graphics cards, one on each processor bus, installed in the system.  I'm running the latest, updated versions of Creative Suite CS6, and there is no antivirus or firewall installed or running.


      Thoughts?  Directions?  Things to test?  Or should I junk the card or the workflow?  I'm pretty committed to Adobe After Effects at the moment, though this experience has me strongly considering Smoke, Nuke, or something else for the future (the switching costs are high).





      Thanks all,