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    Why do cross-references affect paragraph composition?

    Joel Cherney Level 5

      I rarely use large numbers of cross-references but this project I'm working on in four languges (which may turn into a sixteen-language project at any moment) has a very large number of cross-references. There are quite a few bullet points that look like this:


      To apply for SNAP benefits, fill out pages 5 - 9. Read pages 20 - 24 and sign on page 25.


      So of course I want to use cross-references so I don't have to manually handle dozens of cross-references. (Which may turn into hundreds of xrefs at any moment.) However, I've noticed something really odd - in languages where I use the World-Ready Composer, the rag makes sense. When I use the Adobe Paragraph Composer... the rag makes no sense. It wraps when it doesn't need to wrap. Here's my screenshot:




      There's obviously room for "page 18." It's as if one composer knows how long the xrefs are, and the other thinks that they're longer than they are. What is going on here? Can anyone out there reproduce this? Is it a bug? I thought that it may have been caused by the fact that these docs started as Pagemaker documents a long time ago, but it happens in a fresh document as well.