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    The Best Director is STILL 8.5, further version SUCKS! Director 12 should be like this:

    davidsetiabudi Level 1

      Dear Adobe and All Director Users,


      I'm David Setiabudi, lecturer from Indonesia, a Macromedia Director user,

      a loyal one, has making 100 free games in www.divinekids.com

      Sample : www.divinekids.com/messiah.zip    RTS Game Strategy about Jesus

      and disciples.


      Although I own Macromedia MX 2004 ORIGINAL, cost $1200, and tried

      Adobe Director versions, for me (sorry) It's getting worse.

      These two are the major problem :


      1. First of all, the full screen system is getting worse, there always a line frame

          in Adobe Director full screen.

          In the 8.5 this simple script can help :   

          (the stage).drawRect = the desktopRectList[1]

          (the stage).rect = the desktopRectList[1]

          or other Xtras as well.

      2. The MUCH BIGGER SIZE of exe

      3. Hard compatibility for html - dcr for distribution.

         Maybe : Distribute Flash Player and Shockwave Player in ONE


      Me and many more Indonesians Director, still using 8.5. Coz further version is getting WORSE.

      No wonder Flash is more popular ever, (maybe we can ) BLAME it on the Adobe Director developers.

      If there's Director 12, I suggest it should be like this:

      1. Fix thosse three problem above

      2. Can be use on various platforms, such as Androids, mobiles, iPhone, etc

      3. Attach samples of making multiuser online chats,

         how to make a game and publish the best score IN THE WEB

         (INCLUDE the php/ XML/ whatever that should be uploaded in the web)


      I hope Director 12 is not a crap, another loser version, so I can proudly move to Director 12,

      and upgrade my version. For now, I'd rather Downgrade. Don't publish Director 12 until

      the Adobe "scientist" can make those progress. Sorry for being harsh, I just REALY CARE

      about Director future.