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    DataGrid rows not rendered at all




      My application uses numerous DataGrids. I have one pop-up with a DataGrid where, currently about 50% of the time, when the pop-up is raised the DataGrid rows are blank - nothing is drawn, not even the grid lines (see the attached screenshot). The header is drawn correctly, and the scrollbar is drawn to show all the data items are there, but when the scrollbar is clicked I get an exception from the animation interpolator. Other than that, I don't get any errors, just no rendered items. There are no custom item renderers, but one column has a TextInput grid item editor.


      Has anyone seen anything like this? Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I should start looking? As I mentioned, usually the pop-up displays correctly, so there's nothing obviously broken in my code.


      EDIT: I should add that I only see this problem on Windows. When I run my app on OS X, I don't see the problem occurring. I'm using Flash Builder 4.7 and the latest AIR SDK.




      John :^P




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