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    Accessing animation through jQuery

    TheJae Level 1

      Am trying to do two things here, outside of the Edge animation.


      The scene

      3 boys in idle status.



      - Click on any of the boy.

      - Replace 'opened' mouth PNG with a 'closed' mouth PNG.


      Am trying to bind each character using jQuery in my HTML page through

      $(this).on('click', function (){ 

      //Close the mouth



      The code am using is from the documentation (which has limited description on how to access animate instance through jQuery).


                var comp = AdobeEdge.getComposition("act0_introduction");

                var stage = comp.getStage();

                console.log("Stage: "+stage);


      The error am receiving through Chrome is:

      Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'getComposition'