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    Relative addressing in WebHelp (9 or 10)

    David Hurlston Level 1

      I have an area on our website that is a repository of a number of pdf files. I would like to be able  to open these files from links within separate WebHelp projects.


      I can do this by using an absolute reference to the location of the files from within the projects but would prefer to use relative addressing


      A simplified structure is


      www.mysite.com/pdf for the repository of the pdf files


      www.mysite.com/project for the location of a project file.


      If I use a link in the project containing an absolute reference of the form www.mysite.com/pdf/file.pdf that will work properly


      If I attempt to specify the link as ../pdf/file.pdf, it will not work and ends up as www.mysite.com/project/pdf/file.pdf.


      Am I using the wrong syntax, or is this just not supported?