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    Photoshop CS5 - Display stops refreshing


      I'm running CS5 in Windows 7 64-bit.


      I've been running into an odd problem using the Animation window and Transforms. If I select an area then try to Transform it (using either Free Transform shortcut or the Move tool with "show transform controls" enabled), the canvas and navigator stop refreshing. I can still pan around the canvas and draw on selected layers, but those are the only operations that get the screen to refresh. Changing frames, turning on/off layers, and hitting Undo will still perform those actions but the results aren't displayed on screen until I pan the canvas.


      If I have multiple files open, all of them are effected in this way. Quitting then restarting PS gets rid of the refreshing problem, but if I use the Transform tool in a file this problem has occurred in, the same thing happens.


      This doesn't happen until I've been working on a file for a long time (at least an hour or so), regardless of file size as far as I've tested.


      The problem persists with and without OpenGL drawing enabled. I have an Nvidia GTX 560 with driver 306.97 installed.