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    Issues on .sendAndLoad() and .Load() when connecting PHP and mySQL


      I faced a few problems using .sendAndLoad() and .load() for my elearning courseware on flash using actio script 2.0 while I was trying to connect to PHP and mySQL.

      I would really appreciate if you could help me answer the questions that I have.


      First Question

      It’s regarding on the test movie locally for my courseware on html. Whenever I run the courseware, there will be an error. errormsg.jpgI tried to search on the error and I followed the solution which I found on a website.

      Links: http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/Tools/FlashPlayerSecuritySetup/HowToSetup.html


      But I wanted to put into a server which is publish to all the student so that they can use the elearning courseware on the web which is what normal student did when they go into the portal to self study. So, my question is “ Do they need to set the same setting like what I did locally? If not, how should I go about doing it so that everyone can view my elearning courseware? “


      Second Question


      There was no error when I connected flash to PHP, and mySQL, and I double clicked the html file of my elearning courseware locally, which will leads to chrome.

      However, when I try it on internet explorer, it’s not working at all. I asked my friend to try it but for her case, it works perfectly fine on firefox but not on chrome and internet explorer. I am not sure what was wrong with my elearning courseware when I tried on a different browser. What is the problem with this issues?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Normally when you place your files on a server you will not get the security warning.  That is primarily for when an application is trying to link to a file on a local drive.  If you resolved it you found that you needed to tell the settings to allow the content to be accessed.


          Usually if there is a problem with Flash functioning properly in a browser the problem will be related to the html embedding code for the Flash file in the web page.