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    Application.cfc tags exclusions of certain pages

    College Kid Level 1

      I have the application.cfc page. The only take that are in the file is the code that make cf show the header and footer on all pages. There are a few pages that I would not like the header and footer displayed I.e. a coming soon page. ID there a way to insert a rule into the application.cfc to not allow the "comingsoon.cfm" page to display header and footer?


      Here the code I used inside the application.cfc page.



      <cfcomponent output="false">

      <cfset this.datasource="store1975"><!---


      <cffunction name="OnRequestStart" returntype="boolean" output="true">

                <!---Any variable set here can be used by all out pages--->

              <cfset request.company = "Sisterhood">

              <!---Display Header on every Page--->

              <cfinclude template="header.cfm">

              <cfreturn true>



               <cffunction name="OnRequestEnd" returntype="boolean" output="true">

              <!---Display Footer on every Page--->

              <cfinclude template="footer.cfm">

              <cfreturn true>