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    Imported stylesheets @import show no matched CSS rules

    Jarryd Crawford

      I was trying to figure out why my locally hosted web site wasn't showing the Matched CSS Rules in the Web Inspector. After having a look around here and on the weinre issues, I came across this ticket:



      It hasn't been updated in over a year, and I can't seem to find anything else to do with this issue but it's definitely true, look at the test case.


      Is there a way that I can get some one from Adobe to escalate the issue to the weinre guys?

      Or if not that, if there is a solution floating around that I haven't been able to find?


      I'm on Win7 64-bit

      XAMPP  v3.1.0 Beta 4

      Using http://xip.io/ for vhost redirections

      Testing on iPhone 5, iOS 6

      WordPress 3.5.x