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    IE 7.0: Navigation pane showing illegal characters in French WebHelp

    EileenPalsson Level 1

      We have our help translated into various languages. The French version (generated using RH X5.0.2) is showing lots of illegal characters (a little box instead of é, for example) in the navigation pane (esp. Index and Search). We haven't been able to figure out what's causing this.

      One thing I tried was changing "DHTML > Java Applet > Pure HTML" to "DHTML > Pure HTML" before compiling. That had no effect.

      Note: We have this statement in the Options section of the HHP file, since we are compiling in an English version of Windows:


      Without a "Language" tag, the title of the CHM file (which we also compile) is "HTML Help". Anyway, we tried changing this to the code page for French (can't remember offhand what value we used), but that didn't help, either.

      Any tips? How can we get the navigation pane to display correctly in the French version?

      In searching for a solution to my problem before posting, I found a lot of other issues with RH-generated WebHelp when viewed in IE 7.0. Is there a complete list anywhere? I would really like to avoid more unpleasant surprises.

      Thank you,