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    Why can't I upload CS4 Design Premium (student version) on my new PC computer?




      I just bought a new HP dv6t-7200 PC computer.  It has Windows 8 on it.  I purchased the student version of Adobe CS Design Premium a few years ago and was trying to upload it into my new computer. 


      When I put in the discs they sound like they're starting but then they wind down and stop spinning.  I checked my "start" screen to view my "c" drive and it doesn't even show that the disk is in the drive. 


      Can anyone tell me why I can't upload these discus into my new computer?  I get no error messages or any kind of message box stating that I can't upload the discs, so I don''t know what's wrong.  The discus uploaded fine a few years ago on my last HP PC and it's a valid student version set.


      Please help!