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    Unable to launch air application from  FF browser in windows 7


      Unable to launch air application from firefox browser but the same code is working in IE in windows 7 machine. nothing is happening after this launchApplication method is called from firefox. but the samething works in firefox if i downloaded debugger version of flash player. app is compiled using flex 4.1 but the users are using flash 11.6 and adobe air 3.6 this start happening after the user updated their old flash players to newer version i.e 11.6. it also works in mac os with firefox and safari without debugger version of flash player



      switch (airSWF.getStatus()) {

                              case "installed" :

                                  if(appInstalled == 'true'){ //Launch App

                                      airSWF.launchApplication(BadgeSettings.appID, '', arrArgs);

                                      //finalState = "launch";

                                      trace("Launch App");

                                      currentState = 'launchApp';

                                      trace("Launch App 1");


                                  }else if(appInstalled == 'false'){ // Start App install



                                      airSWF.installApplication(BadgeSettings.appURL, BadgeSettings.airVersionRequired, arrArgs);

                                      //finalState = "appInstall";



                                          airSWF.launchApplication(BadgeSettings.appID, '', arrArgs);