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    CS6 Project Manager is not trimming R3D media.



      I am experiencing another problem with CS6 and R3D media.


      I am trying to move a PPCS6 project to an external hard drive in order to send it out for DI work.

      From Project Manager I select "create new trimmed project" with 24 frames handels.


      Once all the files are processed the resulting new project is huge and none of the clips have been trimmed.


      I tried to create a test sequence, with only 2 minutes of editing to see if the problem could have been solved with a fresh new sequence.

      Unfortunatelly I get the same rusults.


      CS6 is giving me several headackes with r3d media. I have been having several Unkown Errors while rendering or exporting different projects.

      Now I realize that CS6 cannot properly archive or copy trimmed projects.


      This is one of Andrew Davis's links that explains the archival process. Unfortunatelly it won't work woth r3d media:



      Pease let me know If you ever ecountered a solution to this problem.


      If of any help, here is my setup:


      MacPro 12cores

      64GB ram


      nVidia Quadro

      Media is stored in an Internal raid

      Project Manager is set to export the trimmed project on a regula G-Raid drive with sufficient space and speed




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