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      How to install Edge Inspect? I have the Windows Installer Package (.msi), and run the installation.

      when I open this application it won't opened. Otherwise it go to the link "http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-2535".


      This link display the Edge Inspect Installation Guide,

      1. Install the chrome Extension
      2. Bonjour Setup
      3. Install Edge Inspect Device Clients
      4. Connect your devices to your computer


      Already, I have chrome. I don't know what is Bonjour Setup,Edge Inspect Device Clients....

      Edge Inspect only work when the device is connected to my system, that time only it should be edited or changing coding,etc.,? Is correct?

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          Mark_Rausch Adobe Employee

          What OS are you running? FYI, Edge Inspect doesn't work on Windows XP or Windows Vista.


          If you're on another OS, are you sure it's not running? It's a system tray application on Windows, so it doesn't appear in the normal app taskbar. What do you see when you open the Edge Inspect Chrome extension? Can you take a screenshot and post that here?