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    Workflow notification in Inbox

    Anoop_Kumar Level 1



        The CQ environment is a shared environment where multiple applications are hosted.

      Our application uses a customized workflow where all the steps except the last one are OOTB. The last step is implemented in our application as a process step.

      When the workflow is initiated on a payload, what we observe is that a notification starts showing up on the inbox of the group intended.

      Now when the member belonging to the group completes the step, the notification does not go away from his/her inbox. All the notifications stay in the Inbox until the last step is completed.

      This is confusing the content authors, reviewers and publishers. We are not able to find out the exact reason for this behavior.

      The issue occurs only in one environment, whereas the issue is not reproducible in other CQ environments.


      Could anyone help us in diagnosing the issue? Help is very much appreciated.


      Thanks and Regards,

      Anoop Kumar