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    ADE 2.0 and rendering graphs/figures

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      I completed an ePub conversion for a client about a year ago and she is selling her book via Lulu and all of was good with the world. However, she emailed me this morning and tells me that a reader has complained that the graphs and figures are very diffuclt to read when using ADE 2.0. Sure enough, I take a look and they are right!


      Everything looks perfect on the iPad (which is what I intended the book to be read on) BUT Lulu suggestes ADE 2.0 as a way to "read the book immedaitly". I did the print version of the book as well and rasterized the figures using the "export options" dialogue (JPEG at 150dpi, relative to page width) when creating the ePub.


      I experimented with exporting the figures out at 300dpi and in other file formats but  to no avail, can anyone help me?


      Looking forward to hearing from you!

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          If you redo the graphs as SVG (and not just SVG with an image tag), that will get you scalability that raster graphics don't provide.  The problem with this suggestion is that while this is easy if you have the source for the graphs especially in Illustrator format, if all you have are the source raster graphics, this will be a lot of work.