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    After Effects CS6 will no longer load past Splash Screen

    Brisingr Fricai Andlat

      Recently been using AE CS6 more frequently. Used it today for about 3-4 hours. Restarted my computer when it started to get slow to free up space from temp/cache files. Now AE does not load past the splash screen when I want to open it. Pauses for a while, then either I get a generic "program has stopped working/responding", or occasionally something else. I have allocated 26 mb of my RAM to Adobe use (only After Effects was open). Media cache files are set to 50 Gb. The program is installed on my 120 Gb SSD, which is out of space. However, all the reference files and media caches are set to go to my HDD, which has 1.5 TerraB's available. Photoshop opens fine and run fines still.


      When attempting to open, Sometimes it mentions that the Dynamic Link had an error or was the last thing that was trying to load. Have restarted computer, no change. Please Help, have two projects going that need to be done very soon.


      Running Windows 7 Ultimate, AE CS6 through the Master Suite. 32 Gb Ram, Intel i7 processor, EVGA GTX570 Graphic Card. There havent been any updates for anything in a few weeks that I'm aware of.


      Really don't want to go through a re-installation...It was working just fine for months, then this.