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    FlexContentHolder Resize Issue - Flex 3 and Flash CS3 Component Kit

      I am in the middle of creating a Flex component using Flash CS3 and the Flex Component Kit for Flash CS3 (version 1.1.2) and I'm running into some issues with the mx.flash.FlexContentHolder class - more specifically the FlexContentHolder movieclip that is created in Flash.

      I have some custom resizing - overriding setActualSize() on my component. I have a few background layers, I can resize them perfectly by just going using MovieClip.width = Number; When I try to do this to the FlexContentHolder it completely resets itself to the default width and height it has when it is in the library. The name of this movie clip in my main component movie is flexContainer. I have tried flexContainer.setActualSize(), flexContainer.width, flexContainer.explicitWidth and everything else I could think of based on the documentation.

      I'm not sure if this is a bug or if I'm doing something wrong - has anyone ran into this same problem?