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    External SWF Looping in IOS


      My main SWF has buttons that load other SWF files.

      When I preview this with Flash it works as I would expect. The external SWF runs a simple movie and the last frame of the movie I have added stop(); so it will not loop.

      This works fine in my browser and with Flash Preview. It even works fine with XCode when I preview it on their IOS Simulator.


      When I load this on my IPhone the movies will load correctly, but will loop continusly.


      Any ideas how I can stop the looping?

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          kglad Legend

          iOS won't allow any code in your loaded swf to execute.


          so, one solution is to execute the stop from the loading (main) swf:


          var loader:Loader=new Loader();


          loader.load(new URLRequest("yourexternalswf.swf"));

          function completeF(e:Event):void{



          function enterframeF(e:Event):void{






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            Vendita3 Newcomer

            Hi - Many thanks for this. I will try this now.


            Can you please let me know if you have a min this page (seems new) on Adobe and says you can load in action scripts:


            http://blogs.adobe.com/airodynamics/2012/11/09/packaging-and-loading-multiple-swfs-in-air- apps-on-ios/


            I am stuck with the bit saying *The minor change is that when loading the SWF, the application domain should be the same as that of the main SWF i.e. ApplicationDomain.currentDomain.


            var _lc:LoaderContext = new LoaderContext(false, ApplicationDomain.currentDomain, null);

            _loader.load(_urlRequest, _lc);


            Do I need to change "ApplicationDomain.currentDomain" (and what with)? or will this still not do what I am trying to do?

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              kglad Legend

              no, leave that code just the way it is.


              if you're using an air version that allows code in external swfs, you should be good to go.


              unfortunately, i don't see which air versions allow external swf code.

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