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    How to figure out what is causing Indesign to crash when adjusting threaded text frames?

    alanomaly Level 1

      I've got a document with a medium-long (about 11 pages) story threaded through a number of text frames, placed from a Word document.


      The file keeps crashing (hanging, needing to be force-quit) when I make changes early in the document such as increasing or decreasing the size of text frames. There seems to be a threshold - changes that reflow less than about 18 lines work fine, but once more than about 20 lines have been reflowed from their original position, it just hangs.


      It's a huge problem and I have no idea how to go about fixing it. Where should I start looking? There's nothing intelligable in the error reports.


      It's a Mac (Lion) with plenty (6gb) of RAM, and Indesign is up to date (  Here's a pastebin of the first part of the error report: http://pastebin.com/unjKEVbZ


      What should I look for? I've seen mentions of faulty fonts being an issue, but I've checked that there are no fonts not on the system. I've also removed all overrides from the text and Word styles, so all styling is from valid, tested InDesign character and paragraph styles. I don't have any custom plugins except for a couple of scripts that are sitting in the scripts panel not being used on this document (end_to_end and indyfont_demo).


      Also, when I reboot InDesign, it automatically opens the auto-recover version (which also immediately hangs). To get Indesign to re-open I have to hold shift while opening it and choose the option to delete all autorecovery information.