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    Problem placing a PDF with bleed in Indesign CS4

    Alex Edouard

      Hi there,


      I'm experiencing a very frustrating issue. I'm trying to place a load of PDFs (adverts in fact) into an InDesign document, but the bleeds do not show up.


      When I open the PDFs in Acrobat I can see the bleed areas, so I know they are there, but when I create a frame and CMD-D / Place the PDF it is placed without the bleed areas. Have  I flicked a setting somewhere? I'm sure I have never had this issue before, but it's driving me crazy.


      I've tried exporting/creating test PDFs with a variety of settings and placing them in the doc, but these are placed in the same way ie no bleed. What's going on?


      Let me know if you need more info.






      Macbook Pro / OS10.6.8 / 2.4GHz Intel Core Duo

      Indesign CS4