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    Quick way to create Lower thirds from Spreadsheet

    Steven L. Gotz Level 5

      Maybe everyone knows this already since it came out when I was away from the forums, but I searched the Premiere Pro forums for the word "spreadsheet" and got no related results, so here goes....


      There is a way to type all of your information for lower thirds, or titles of any kind for that matter, including the kind of sub titles that are actually on the video itself, into a spreadsheet and using variables, create as many Photoshop PSD files to be imported into Premiere Pro as you wish.


      It is brilliant. Simply brilliant.


      Download the sample project and the PDF of the instructions. They ask for your name and e-mail address so that they can lock the PDF to one person (another good trick) to avoid people sharing. They want you to see the info about the book. But this chapter if free. And brilliant. Simply brilliant. But I guess I said that already.



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          zachmull Level 1

          This is a great tip. Have you found a way to translate a spreadsheet into Premiere Pro title files? I am trying to solve the same problem you were, I believe, but I would prefer for our workflow to keep our titles in the Premiere Pro project instead of in Photoshop files. I haven't had any success editing more than one field in an exported title file and bringing it back into Premiere.

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            Steven L. Gotz Level 5

            Well, I know what I would do if I needed to do such a thing.


            The programming language in Microsoft Excel is extremely powerful. It is a version of Visual Basic and can easily manipulate text files. So I would open a PRTL file, change the text and save it as the next title. Then I would repeat for every line in the spreadsheet.


            To make this easy, after formatting your first title, change the text to something simple, and export it to a PRTL file - and always use the same text and same title name to make writing the macro easier. Then just cycle through the rows of the spreadsheet. I haven't done this in ages, but I suppose I could give it a go if I had the proper motivation.


            But why? Why not use Photoshop?

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              zachmull Level 1

              Thanks Steven. I tried a find-and-replace process with the PRTL files in some text editors, and even though it looked like simple tags, if I re-saved the files, even with the same extension, some of the data would get lost in translation on the way back into Premiere. I couldn't change more than one line of text without losing some of the others, even if I was only changing the text inside the tags and not the tags themselves.


              We wanted to do it without Photoshop because we have a few machines that have standalone Premiere licenses and don't have access to Photoshop for changing individual titles if some tiny thing was wrong in the spreadsheet. But the Photoshop process was so easy that we just went with that, and we'll deal with it if we have to make changes to individual titles later. Thanks for your help.

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                UlfLaursen Level 2

                Thanks a lot for sharing this Steven - might come in handy for me very soon!