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    iphone playback issue with epub file


      I am creating a banjo book for the ipad.  I followed several tutorials and have a great book ready to go for the ipad.  My book contains audio and video playback features that look great thanks to adobe and lynda.com.  However, when I view my book in ibooks the video doesn't playback properly. I will click the video, it goes to full screen but then it doesn't start.  I then have to click the play button exactly two times to get the video to start.  This happens for all 25 videos in the book.  I used the adobe media encoder and encoded it to H264, Apple Tv, Ipad, Iphone4 and newer 720p.  Can someone please help?




      Upon further inspection it appears that the issue maybe caused by the iphone making the video go fullscreen mode.  On the ipad when the video is clicked it plays back in its original size.  The iphone doesn't do this and tries to play full screen immediately.


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.