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    Debugging ideas please!

    Bob Pierce Level 1
      I have a very minor but irritating error on a site I'm building (in AS2) for our parish council - here

      I've implemented back and forward buttons which seem to work fine. Hit a few of the main tabs then reverse through them with my back button and all is well. If you also include the Contact tab then hit back a few times it still works ok. But... If you include Contact, put the cursor in the message area and then hit back it's not quite ok. If you have a shaky mouse hand you may think it works ok, but if you keep the mouse pointer stationery over the back button you'll find that you can now only make one backward move at time. Every click leaves the button "up", whereas when working correctly the "over" state is maintained between clicks. The slightest mouse movement will restore the "over" state - no need to roll out.

      I don't think the problem is with the back button - this is a straight forward implentation and the problem only shows once the cursor enters one of the text boxes in the Contact mc. It looks as if the back button is loosing focus on release and the slightest mouse movement returns focus. Presumbly the Contact mc is still grabbing focus somehow but it has _visible false, enabled false, and I've included


      Suggestions gratefully received.