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    [CS5.5][Os X 10.7] Problem searching for file when placing a picture

    JohnDevlon Level 1



      With this post, I would like to ask a question.


      In Indesign CS5.5 on Mac Os X, when placing a picture using the place option, there is in the top right corner a search field. When browsing to a certain network folder and trying to search for files whitin that folder, which have filenames containing a part of the search string, no files are found.


      For example: a folder containing 200 files with names starting with "sports baseball 001" up to "sports baseball 200". When searching for "baseball" no results are found.


      What I could find on the internet, are several discussions relating to huge problems with Spotlight on 10.7 and 10.8 and network drives.


      Does anyone know of any fix or plugin for Adobe Indesign that allows fast file search in a folder when placing a picture in a document?


      Whe have this issue with all our mac's running these versions of Os X and Adobe Indesign.


      Any feedback would be helpfull.