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    How do I copy and paste a shape (or layer) from one file to another keeping all of its attributes?

    SteveCTWriter Level 1

      Our department currently uses MS Paint to place varied colored boxes for callouts on top of screen figures used in our documentation. As you know, MS Paint is not a robust image editing application, and we are frustrated at its limitations (especially not having a "non-destructive" edit capability). Consequently, we are evaluating a trial version of PS to see how a workflow could be developed that would allow the department to use callout boxes "stored" in a PS file that could be applied in an easy, consistent manner to our screen figures (but also keep each callout box editable) using PS.


      Consequently, in PS using the shape tool, I created a file with our colored boxes for callouts, each on its own layer. Now I am trying to determine how you copy and paste a box (or layer) from this file to a "working" file (one containing a screen figure), while keeping all of its attributes (color, line weight, being editable, etc.). I can't seem to find an option to do this. Is there? If not, is there another workflow in PS that you can recommend for this type of procedure?