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    Recommended system requirement for Illustrator CS6




      Wanted to know what is the recommended system configuration for running Illustrator CS6. Although this information is posted on Adobe website a couple of hardware vendors have told me that an entry level workstation is required for processing hi resolution images. We are in real estate industry and deal with hi resolution images for advertisment, hoardings etc.


      The workstations are quite expensive compared to the All in one desktops that are available in market.


      Please guide.




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          kglad ACP/MVP

          just about any 64bit computer that supports a screen resolution of 1280x800 would be able to support illustrator cs6.  ie, it would be rare to find a 64bit pc/mac that failed to meet all the illustrator 6 specs.


          if you're considering buying a particular computer and want to know if it meets specs, post a link to the computer.