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    Robohelp 9 - Entire project folder of articles not publishing in Webhelp

    B.Garrison Level 1

      This is a little convoluted.


      I am running Adobe Robohelp 9.0.2. I have a project that has been working well until today. The HTML files are divided into folders. I added a simple snippet to one article in each folder. I published to Webhelp.


      At first, I noticed that all the articles in one folder (which start with the same name [IACH]) are missing from search results. All other files in the project itself are working in search without difficulty, but this one entire folder was missing from search, but ALL of the articles from that folder were available via the Table of Contents. I also noticed that the snippet wasn't publishing on the one article in that folder that I'd put it on - though it appears in the article in Robohelp. At that point, I toggled to the Snippets module and my snippet list is blank. Though the snippet files are still in the actual project folder, they don't appear in the module anymore.


      I thought that the snippet being on that one article might be the issue, so I converted it to HTML text and published again. Now? Now all the file names appear in the ToC, but I can't open any of them AND they still don't appear in search.


      It looks like somehow this one, single sentence snippet has done severe damage to my project.


      Any ideas?