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    WebOfWebs Level 1

      Using a proxy is a great help. But i ran into a problem of Premiere using the low-res proxy in the final render of my project. I assumed Premiere, or After Effects, would have the brains to not use low-res proxies when it comes to outputting a final render.

      My next project will have numerous 'replace with ae' clips - do i have manually go back and forth turning off proxies when i want to do final render?

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          See the Render Settings section in After Effects Help. You can choose in the render settings whether to use proxies or not for a given render operation.

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            WebOfWebs Level 1

            Thanks for the reply. However i've read that page (numerous times unfortunately) and i'm still not getting it! (i'll put Get More Sleep on my To Do list)


            For some clips is useful to use a very low res proxy - it allows me to do some complex things without my machine slowing to crawl...

            Am i limited to Best Settings - Lossless all the time (as these clips are from Premiere)


            I'll certainly read that page again, and watch more tutorials. but if anyone knows the best workflow i'd like to hear. thanks.

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              > However i've read that page (numerous times unfortunately) and i'm still not getting it!


              Here's the most relevant part from the render settings section:

              Proxy Use
              Determines whether to use proxies when rendering. Current Settings uses the settings for each footage item.
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                WebOfWebs Level 1

                Isnt the whole point of using a proxy, is to have a lower quality (smaller file size) clip to play with.

                Doesnt using Best quality + lossless kind of defeat the purpose?


                And i do not see Proxy Use anywhere in either program...


                I guess i'll have to watch all those annoying slow irrelevant video tutorials to hopefully find the answer...

                unless anybody knows and can just tell me??

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                  WebOfWebs Level 1

                  Also, i just finished with a clip in AE, rendered it (best+lossless), and closed AE.

                  Back in PPro (where i'd Replaced With AE Clip) i see it wont play in realtime,

                  the solution seems to be to render?!?!?!


                  Either something has gone very wrong with my Adobe software, or i've missed something important.

                  Does anyone know of a brief text quide to PPro-AE-proxies and rendering.


                  (a couple of months back this was all working just fine!)