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    How to modify a selection



      We need to know how to make a retangle, bend the lines and fill with color (dancing ants).

      If this product cannot do it whst will?

      Can I get a reduced price since I purchaed Adobe element 10?


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          Barbara B. Level 7

          If you mean you want to draw a rectangle with rounded corners, you can use the rounded rectangle tool. Set your color before you start, then click-hold or right click on the custom shape tool and choose the rounded rectangle tool. If that's not what you mean, can you explain in more detail or show an example of what you want to do?

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            Brett N Adobe Employee

            While you can create a retangular selection (dancing ants), there isn't a method for bending the lines. You can transform a selection you have created by rotating it, scaling it, or skewing it (giving it a lean). You can use other selection tools to modify your existing selection, including adding to, subtracting from, finding the intersection of, or the exclusion of. You can use these combinations with a Elliptical selection to give your rectangular selection bent lines. Photoshop proper, the parent product, does have warp controls for transformation which would make such as task easier.


            Once you have a selection you like, you can fill it with color.


            You can get a reduced price for Elements 11 because you own Elements 10.

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              Barbara B. Level 7

              You can kind of bend lines on a  rectangular selection by adding a feather (which can make your selection look like it has rounded corners), but if you're planning to fill with color anyway, it's much simpler just to use the rounded rectangle tool.

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                hatstead Adobe Community Professional

                You can bend the lines in the vertical axis with the shear filter (Filter>distort>shear)


                I used the rectangular marquee tool to drag out a rectangle

                Open a blank layer above this ("marching ants" still active)

                Applied a 7px stroke (inside)

                Used shear filter.



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                  Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                  There is another way in pse 10 using paths (shape layers) and if you give us an idea of what kind of bends you want, it might be possible to do without too much trouble.






                  from a rectangle






                  same rectangle curved (bent) lines